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28 April 2021 - 20 May 2021
TKI Matchmaking
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Open until 19 May 2021

TKI Matchmaking

TKI Matchmaking brings together water technology SME and knowledge institutes with parties from relevant cross-over industries. Are you looking for partners to further develop your innovation or are you looking for an innovation to make your product or process more sustainable? This matchmaking provides you the opportunity to meet with relevant parties. The matchmaking is accessible between April 28 and May 20. Within this period thematic sessions and other activities related to the below mentioned cross-overs will be organized:

  • Water & Energy: 28 - 30 April
  • Water & Health: 10 - 12 May
  • Water & Food: 18-20 May

Do you need support in refining your innovation question, do you want to know more about financing opportunities or would you like to discuss your innovatoin idea with an independend person. Request a meeting with one of the innovation brokers (for companies registered in the Netherlands)

Why participate?

  • You are looking for a partner organisation to futher develop your innovation
  • You are looking for parties to build a consortium for innovation development
  • You are considering to apply your technology in another secto
  • You are looking for technologies/innovations to make your process/product/service more sustainable.

How to get most out of the event

  • Create a clear profile stating your offers and what you are looking for.
  • Actively search the participant list to find relevant parties
  • Found a party of your interest, request a meeting.
  • You can select the time of your meeting, making sure it always fits your agenda